Nitro CLIK

The Microbial wonder

Nitrogen fixing Microbes

Aerobic, free-living soil microbes which play an important role in the nitrogen cycle in nature,binding atmospheric nitrogen, which is inaccessible to plants, and releasing it in the form ammonium ions into the soil.


Nitrogen fixing bio-fertilizer

Azos CLIK is atmospheric nitrogen fixing bio-fertilizer, which applied to soil, quickly germinate into vegetative cells. It helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen in large quantities and makes it available to plants .It helps secrete plant promoting substances in the plant root regions, which facilitate the growth of strong root

Rhizo Clik

Nitrogen fixing bio-fertilizer

Rhizo Clik is a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria which plays vital role in agriculture. Formulated contains the selective strain of Rhizobium for various leguminous crops. The bacteria that remained in their dormant form get suspended in this liquid formulation.. It helps to increase the nitrogen absorption capacity in the soil